1. Search by Parcel Number (PIN), Owner, Property Address, AIN or Legal Description.
  2. Alternatively, select Search Options to enter search criteria into each respective field for a given search type.

  • The Parcel Number is a twelve-digit identifier found on your tax bill that may contain letters as well as numbers. When searching by Parcel Number, please remove all dashes before searching.
  • The AIN is a six-digit identifier.
  • The entire Parcel Number must be entered for use in the "Parcel Number Search."
  • For owners, legal descriptions, and addresses, entering less information will generally yield more results.
  • For owners, enter the last name first for better results.
  • Completely spell out the name of the street for specific results; i.e. entering "Mount" will not return "Mountain".
  • Conversely, a wildcard (*) may be used in the field to expand results. For example, entering "Mount*" would also return "Mountain".